Fly Fishing on the Gallatin, Yellowstone, and Madison Rivers near Yellowstone National Park

Beginner Fly Fishing Lessons


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to learn about Fly Fishing?
The best way for a beginner to learn the basics of Fly Fishing is to attend one of our beginner classes! Duh! Fly fishing is an art and can be very difficult to master without some detailed how-to. An inexpensive lesson is hard to find, so join the fun and try a class. If you love it, jump into the more traditional guided trip; if you don't love it, no harm done!

In your Learn to Fly Fish Class, how much time do we get to actually fish?
Each class is different, but after receiving some basic instruction and casting practice, you will get to be on the water for at least an hour. The class will move at the pace of the group. If everyone is a natural, you will get more time in the water. If the guide thinks you will hook your neighbor's eye out, hang tight for some more practice. Remember, if you want more time fishing, you are always welcome to return and rent equipment, or sign up for a guided session.

Do I need any special equipment for your fishing trips?
No, we provide everything! All fishing equipment and tackle, waders, and even transportation (if your trip requires it).

What Should I Wear?
No need to break the bank at the local fishing shop, just dress weather appropriate. We recommend quick drying clothing as much as possible and feel free to wear water shoes if you have them because you can get wet if you don't have waders on yet. Don't forget the sunscreen, water, and camera!

Who put the trout in the River?
Trout are native to the Gallatin, Yellowstone and Madison Rivers, which means they were introduced from hatcheries. Rivers are managed to protect habitat, and catch and release practices ensure healthy fish populations.

What is so great about Fly Fishing the Gallatin River in Montana?
The Gallatin does not have huge trout, but it has plentiful trout and they are pretty easy to catch, and pretty to look at!
Rivers here are managed to ensure healthy, natural trout populations. You are catching Wild Fish. The scenery is fantastic, the waters are pure, and there is a deep cultural attachment to fly fishing here, highlighted by the book/movie "A River Runs Through It". Fly Fishing in Montana is a classic bucket list item!

Should I read the Book or Watch the Movie?

What if the weather is bad?
We run trips rain or shine and always have a good time! Dress in layers and bring a rain jacket if you are concerned. Our cancellation policy allows for free cancellations up to 24 hours before your trip, so check the weather the morning before and call to cancel if you like. If you cancel within 24 hours of your trip, we charge 50% of the trip cost.

Are fish gross?
Ummm.. of course!!! No, just kidding, kinda. Catching a Montana trout is an experience of a life time! Definitely worth a little slime on the hands.

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